behind the mission

Kristen started Idea Rockets with a desire to help businesses and organizations succeed. That desire, combined with a passion for being creative, an eye for detail, and an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Idea Rockets in 2004. 

She earned her bachelor’s degree in business, majoring in Marketing, Management and International business, and holds a MBA from Webster University.

Active in the community, Kristen has served on STCU’s Business Committee, Habitat for Humanity’s Public Relations Committee, and has donated her design talents to non-profit organizations such as Teen Closet and GraceSon Housing Foundation. She served as the PTO President at Liberty Lake Elementary and continues to volunteer at local elementary schools. 

An enthusiastic soccer fan, Kristen volunteered as a team manager/assistant coach for over a decade with her son’s club teams. While being his biggest fan, she is also a fervent supporter of Manchester United.

rocket power

Building high-powered model rockets is a hobby Kristen has enjoyed with her husband, Rich. Together they have built a number of impressive high-powered model rockets and launched them with the local rocket club. Most have been successfully recovered, and some have remained illusive. She has a level 1 certification from NAR and her husband is a level 2 certified rocket engineer.

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